Some useful command line options for the symfony console.


  • Generate CRUD controller based on doctrine entity bin/console generate:doctrine:crud --entity=AppBundle:Story --format=annotation --with-write --no-interaction
  • Generate Doctrine Entity bin/console generate:doctrine:entity --entity=AppBundle:Story
  • Generate Getters and Setters bin/console doctrine:generate:entities —-no-backup AppBundle/Entity/Story
  • Drop Database using config bin/console doctrine:database::drop —force

Doctrine Migrations

  • bin/console doctrine:migrations:diff
  • bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate
  • bin/console doctrine:migrations:execute FIXTURE —down


  • Install Fixtures composer require --dev doctrine/doctrine-fixtures-bundle
  • Run fixtures (without purging tables first) bin/console doctrine:fixtures:load —-append —fixtures=<dir>


  • Search for a route bin/console debug:router | grep <string>
  • Find the route for a url bin/console router:match /story/index
  • Get info about a route bin/console debug:router article_show


  • Check syntax of a twig template bin/console lint:twig app/Resources/views/story/index.html.twig


  • Clear the cache bin/console cache:clear --env=prod --no-debug

Unit tests

  • Run a particular test bin/phpunit --filter MyTest
  • Take phpunit from the app folder bin/phpunit -c app

Install & Configuration

  • Create New project symfony new PROJECT_NAME lts
  • Start PHP Web Server bin/console server:run
  • Check the config bin/console config:dump-reference framework
  • Check security bin/console security:check
  • Get a list of services available bin/console debug:container |grep form.factory