Setting the correct PHP version (per project)

  • Go into PhpStorm->Preferences->Plugins->Language & Framworks->PHP and select this

Enabling the Symfony plugin (per project)

  • Search for and Download symfony plugin by going to PhpStorm->Preferences->Plugins->Browse Repositories
  • Restart PHPStorm
  • On Restart PHPStorm should detect the symfony code and prompt you to enable the plugin for this project

Setting up Xdebug

  • For Xdebug to work you need to set up a server which can be done by going to PhpStorm->Preferences->Plugins->Language & Framworks->PHP->servers
  • Click the plus icon
  • Set the name to the same as the server name from the IDE_CONFIG config option in the PHP.ini.
  • Set the host to localhost
  • Set the port to 8080
  • Set debugger to Xdebug
  • Check the box that says use path mappings
  • Under where is says “Project Files” you will see the path to the root of the project. Next to it enter the webroot and press enter