Docker Compose

  • start the containers (in detached mode) docker-compose up -d
  • start and build containers - docker-compose up -d --build
  • stop containers - docker-compose stop
  • get a list of services docker-compose ps --services
  • start interactive bash shell in a service docker-compose exec SERVICE_NAME bash
  • run a command in a service tha isnt running - docker-compose run SERVICE_NAME COMMAND_NAME


  • list all containers (including stopped) - docker ps -a
  • remove all containers (stop if running) - docker container rm -f $(docker container ls -a -q)
  • remove all images (stop if running) - docker image rm -f $(docker image ls -a -q)

Docker Sync

  • install unison (OSX) docker logout && brew install unison
  • start docker-sync docker-sync-stack start.